Evac Platinum Deal #4

Evac Platinum Deal #4
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  • £1,550.00
  • Inc Vat £1,860.00

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We're aware that some customers may require more than just a chair. Understandably, some customers may feel very uncomfortable either using, or operating the equipment, so competency and confidence training is essential (and required by law). On top of that, they may wish to ensure that an ongoing contract is in place to safeguard their device in the future.

For that reason we've put together a number of special deals, not available elsewhere, whereby we offer a dedicated service, tailor made for our customers.

Our "PLATINUM" deal includes our best selling EVAC+Chair 1-300-Mk4 model, along with our EXCLUSIVE EVAC+Chair Key trainer Masterclass training package AND our "Servicare" maintenance contract for the 2nd year (Further annual visits by contract).

EVAC+Chair 1-300H-Mk4

Our most popular, best selling evacuation chair, the 1-300H Mk4 EVAC+CHAIR Emergency Evacuation Chair enables evacuation of less mobile persons in emergency situations. The Evac chair has the ability to easily and smoothly transfer a person down a flight of stairs with only a single operator. The chair is designed to provide security to a user when being moved and is fitted with a forehead restraint, safety buckles, and a sling style seat that ensures the user is sat back in the chair and cannot be tipped forward. The Emergency Evacuation Chair's wheels are supported by specially designed friction belts that ensure the chair does not slip or accelerate too rapidly while descending a flight of stairs. The distribution of the chair's weight and load also ensure that the descent is smooth and comfortable for both the user and also the operator.

* Provided with photoluminescent signs and hooks for wall mounting

* The supplied dust cover helps to protect the evacuation chair from degrading

* User manual and CD supplied with the chair to provide operative guidance

* Anti-scratch powder coated finish

* Padded material covers the chair's leg and back bars for user comfort

* UK manufactured * 5 Year Warranty * CE marked * TÜV Certified * 

Manufactured in the UK

This chair normally retails at £650.00 + vat

Evac Chair Train the trainer masterclass Course

Once you have made the decision to install the award winning Evac+ Chair into your premises, you will want to ensure that staff are properly trained in its' use. With staff moving on, you may feel that you never have enough staff to operate your devices. At aed-defib-shop we are aware that due to staff changes and natural movements, you may now be in the position that you have the equipment to evacuate persons within your buildings, but do not have any staff trained to operate such equipment.

Our 1 day (6 hour) Train the trainer Masterclass course addresses this, and ensures that 4 of your key personnel will be able to effectively train other members of staff as operators of our industry leading evacuation chair. This is a very cost effective way to train staff where you have a number of personnel, and wish them all to be fully competent in the use of the Evac+ Chair. All training is carried out at your own premises using your own equipment  (customer must have own Evac Chair).EVAC+Chair Operator training package

This training normally retails at £1000.00 + vat

2nd Year Evac Chair Servicare maintenance package  (Further Annual service agreements by contract)

Once you have made the decision to install the award winning Evac+ Chair into your premises, you will want to ensure that your chair is kept in perfect working order. As a class 1 medical device you should make sure that the investment in your Evac Chair is protected, and this is achieved by signing up to an AED-DEFIB-SHOP "Servicare" package.

Health & Safety and Disability Discrimination legislation places stringent demands on every organisation to meet its Duty of Care by providing adequate means of escape for visitors and staff on their premises.

As a Class 1 Medical Device, your product should be regularly serviced and maintained to ensure its safe operation. This requirement is included within the PUWER Regulation. (Provision and Use of Works Equipment Regulations 1998).

To help clients meet this legal requirement Evac+Chair offers an annual service contract, ServiCare, which ensures your products are fully operational, meet legal obligations and are ready for emergencies.

Our on site "SERVICARE" visit includes;

  • Visual Inspection
  • Renewal of any wearing parts
  • Testing
  • Recording & Reporting

This service contract normally retails at £100.00 + vat 


                                                    Please note that this package cannot be sold as separate items.



  • Key Trainer training for up to 4 persons
  • Customers own chair used during training to familiarise them
  • Personal service designed to put trainers at ease
  • Informal teaching style
  • Servicare contract includes 19 point check
  • Chair is single person operation, simple to use & only 9.5kg
  • Chair DDA compliant

  Inc  EVAC+Chair 1-300-Mk4 Chair
  Inc  Wall Hooks, Dust Cover, Wall Sign, User Guide
  Inc  Trainer training for up to 4 staff 
  Inc  2nd year Servicare includes parts & Labour

  Inc  Free interim service visits if required

We also have an extensive range of AED accessories and can provide on site or classroom based AED training, 
and have some of the best UK deals available on Evac chairs, servicing and Evac chair training. We offer the full range of Evac chairs for immediate delivery.

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